Sunday, May 31, 2009

Me and My Botella!

I confess. I'm a water-a-holic. It's a fact. I drink water all day long and you will never see me without a water bottle. NEVER! Me and a water bottle are attached at the hip and never leave each other's site. I don't think I can last without water for 10 minutes, I'm addicted.

Everywhere I go, I bring a water bottle with me and I refill it every chance I get! I usually buy a plastic bottle of water at the grocery store, and reuse it over and over and over again until it's gross and embarrassing. And then I buy a new one, and the cycle continues...

Diana always makes fun of me and my nasty plastic bottles, she tells me that it reminds her of the Lost TV show. I have no idea what she's talking about...
I walk to school every day and it usually takes me more than 1 hour and 15 minutes each way. As I walk, I carry my water bottle and drink the whole way to school. As soon as I get to school, the first think I do is re-fill my bottle!

Since I've been studying Spanish for 6 weeks and taking the same route every day, I decided to be brave and map out a different way to get to school to get a change of scenery. In the past, I walked down Santa Fe street, but I grew sick of seeing the same stores and maneuvering around tons of people.

My new route was brilliant. I simply started walking down a parallel street called Paraguay and this made me happy because it provided me with new scenery and less people to dodge. As I walked down my new route to and from school, I noticed a fishing supply store with a cool, metal, pink water bottle! These types of stainless steel bottles became very popular in US once numerous reports came out stating that plastic water bottles contain bad-for-your-health chemicals.

I passed the fishing store a few times, each time I marveled at the cool, pink, metal bottle. As I pressed my nose to the window, I saw that the price was very reasonable, the bottle was only 26 Argentinian Pesos! You'd be lucky to find one of those bottles in US for 26 Dollars! I wanted this bottle and nothing would stop me from purchasing it. I pealed my nose away from the window, marched into the store and made my purchase!

I came home, threw away all my plastic bottles and filled the new bottle with water! When Diana came home, she immediately noticed the new member of the house hold.

"What is that?" she asked.
"It's my new water bottle! Isn't it cool? I can't believe how cheep it was!" I said.
"I like it, it's very nice," Diana responded.

My school routine continued, but this time with my new bottle in hand!

The bottle was a big hit at school. Alejandra, my Spanish teacher, wanted to know where I bought it and asked me to get her the name and the address of the fishing store.

I didn't realize my bottle would become so popular.
On Sunday, Diana and I decided to go to a coffee shop in Palermo to study. I needed to study for my Spanish test and she needed to study for her Statistics class. And of course, my water bottle was in my hand. Prior to going to the coffee shop, we decided to pop into a few stores.
As we walked into a store, I went straight to the clothing racks as the sales girls talked among themselves.

Diana followed me and said, "You know, those girls are talking about your water bottle, they are trying to figure out what it is."
"Ha," I said, "That's so interesting that nobody here has seen a metal water bottle, everybody in US has one, I guess it hasn't caught on here yet."

As we were about to exit the store, I was looking at the pair of boots when a sales girl came up to me and said something in Spanish that I didn't understand.

"No gracias," I said, thinking that the girl was asking me if I wanted to try on the shoes.

"No," Diana said as she came up behind me, "She wants to know where you got your water bottle!"

I froze! I didn't know how to explain in Spanish where I got the bottle. I barely mumbled the street name, "Pa-ru-guay," I said to the sales girl.

"Ahhh," she said, thinking that I got it in a different country, but then Diana explained to her, in Spanish, that I got it in a fishing supply store on a street called Paraguay. The sales girl wanted one too!

This bottle had a fan club!

We went to the coffee shop and sat down. I put my bottle on the table and it caught the attention of the two women sitting next to us. They started talking about it and and trying to figure out what it is and what it's for.

"Es una botella para agua," Diana said irritated before they even got a chance to ask.

I honestly think she was jealous that my water bottle was getting all of the attention. I hope this doesn't cause any conflict between us at the house.

As we walked back to the car, we were trying to figure out what made this bottle such an enigma.

"Maybe it's because it's phallic," said Diana.

"Huh," I said, "I never thought of it that way.... by the way, how and why do you know that word in English?"


  1. Damn baby where'd you get that bottle...mmmhmm.

  2. This hot pink and the black is a little hard to read.... just sayin!

    I love your jean jacket and hat. You always look way cuter than any old water bottle. J.Kib!

  3. Girl, I know, the other posts are hot pink and pale pink/whitish color, i dont know why not all of the text is the same....