Monday, June 8, 2009

My Next Career?

There are many things that I love about Buenos Aires and I plan to do a mile long entry about all of them sooner or later (maybe later....). But this one just can't wait!

This is something that I've seen only in Buenos Aires and it puts a smile on my face every time. In fact, seeing this makes me so happy that I'm even considering making this my next career.
What am I talking about?

Paseador de Perros

A Paseador de Perros is a paid dog walker whose responsibility is to walk a dogs a few times a day. Can you believe people actually get paid for this luxury?!?!

I've seen as many as 14 dogs being walked at the same time. It's quite a site. The interesting thing is, these dogs never fight!

Often times, a Paseador de Perro is hired when a family is too busy or too lazy to walk their dog.

Although this jobs seems fun (well, to me it does), it's not as easy as it looks and comes with a lots of responsibilities.

A Paseador de Perros must:
  • First and foremost, LOVE dogs
  • Know as much as possible about every dog that is walked
  • Know which breeds are compatible with others
  • Know how to handle a dog that suddenly becomes aggressive
  • Provide K-9 care such as grooming and providing a dog with medicine if the dog is ill
  • Monitor the overall health of the dogs
  • Pick up dog poop (I question whether this task is ever done, Bs. As. sidewalks are notoriously covered with dog shit)

The service is also great for dogs because they get to go out a few times a day, interact and play with other dogs, and learn how to obey orders!

I think I'll start training for this position by enrolling in Doggie First Aid courses.


  1. This is so funny. I need to come back and read more in depthly, en route to dance class. But the dog pics grabbed my attention :)

  2. i think you would make an awesome dog walker!!!

  3. Ay Mamacita! What's happenin? We can always find ways to chat!