Monday, July 13, 2009

Saving Diana's Passion

My roommate Diana loves loves loves passion fruit. Since many fruits and vegetables are imported into Buenos Aries, many exotic items--such as passion fruit--may be a pricey treat.

The first time she bought passion fruit, we were at a market in San Telmo. If you've ever bought passion fruit, you'll know that from the outside, it looks like a old and rotten yellow mango or apple. But when you cut it in half you'll see the hidden edible treasure that looks a bit slimy and has a very pungent smell. So when Diana brought her home treasure (2 passion fruits) she cut it in half and we marveled at it passed it back and forth as we tasted it. We ate one of the fruit and she put the second one in the fridge.
Twice a week, we have a cleaning lady--Becci--that comes to do all the household cleaning chores. Often times she goes through the fridge and the fruit bowl that sits on the counter and throws away all the spoiled-looking items. Since passion fruit looks spoiled, when Becci came across it, what did she do? She threw it away!

Later that evening I was sitting in the kitchen playing on my laptop when Diana came home and headed straight for the fridge. She opened it, searched for something for a while and then started staring at me.

"What," I said, "Why are you staring at me?"
"Did you eat my passion fruit?" she asked, "Cuz if you did, it's not a problem, we'll work something out."
"No, why would I eat your passion fruit?" I responded as I started laughing, "Clearly it's not mine so why would I touch it?"
"Well, it's not here," she said, "Do you think Mike could have eaten it?"
"I doubt it, none of us have ever eaten each other's food without asking."

And then we both looked at each other as our eyes opened wide and simultaneously said, "BECCI!"

"I bet you she thought it was spoiled fruit and threw it away," I said.
"Nooooooooooooooo!!! I really wanted to eat it tonight! Do you think it's in the garbage?" asked Diana.
"Uhm, I wouldn't dig in there if I were you," I responded.

Diana spend the whole evening sulking and cussing out Becci under her breath, but as time went on, she healed from the incident.
A month later, Diana was planning a get together at the house and wanted to make some drinks with fresh passion fruit. She managed to find them at the corner Bolivian fruit/vegetable stand. She used some of the fruit for the drinks and left 2 for herself.

Forgetting about her previous loss, she placed her passion fruit in the fruit bowl to be consumed later in the week. Once gain, Becci came over to clean the house and once again threw away the expensive and delicious passion fruit.

When I came home from school that day, for some strange reason the first thing that popped into my head were the passion fruit. I immediately rushed into the kitchen and looked for them, only to find them gone. I even tried looking in the garbage can, but it was too late. Becci had already taken out the garbage. I couldn't help but laugh about the situation.

I didn't know how break the news to Diana or how she would handle the pain and the loss..... again.....

I turned on my computer, and saw that Diana was on Google IM so I decided to tell her right away about what happened.

Me--I have really bad news for you
Diana--What happened, is it really bad? Are you talking seriously?
Me--I don't know how to tell you this cuz it might make you really upset
Me--Becci threw away your passion fruit.... again! Yes!
Me--Ha ha, I came home from school and as soon as I got into the kitchen I thought about the passion fruit, and it was gone.
Me--Nope, it's gone
Diana-- :'(
me--Sorry, but this shit is hilarious, I can just imagine you at work right now...
Diana--hahaha, i will kill that bitch
Me--I'm glad you are being so optimistic!

Once again, time passed and healed Diana's pain and losses. She forgot, forgave and moved on.

This Sunday we decided to take a walk to one of my favorite destinations--Barrio Chino (China Town). We both wanted to buy some food and spices that we weren't able to find at local grocery stores. Since the weather was descent, we decided to take a 2 hour stroll which proved to be very painful and long since the both of us were functioning on about 4-5 hours of sleep. In the supermarket, Diana got some goodies for the house and also managed to find some passion fruit. We came home, unloaded our groceries and once again, Diana placed her passion fruit in the fruit bowl.

On Monday morning, Diana went to work and I was woken up by the door bell. It was Becci who came to clean the house on a Monday instead of her regularly scheduled Tuesday. I let her in, while I was half a sleep, and went to make my coffee. Once I was in a functional state, I turned on my computer to check my email and started chatting with Diana online. When I told her that Becci was at the house, Diana got alarmed and wrote:

Diana--Oh no! Can you please ask not to get rid of my passion fruit? I didn't hide them...
Me--How do you say "do not throw away" in Spanish?
Me--Ok, I'll tell her
Me--Ok ok, I'll hide them in my room, just remind me to give them to you when you come home, I don't want to forget about them and then find moldy shit in my room!
Diana--OK, I will.
Me--This shit is funny. I can't believe how much panic these passion fruit are causing us!

I ran into the kitchen, grabbed the passion fruit and hid them in my purse that was hanging in my room! When Diana came home, I handed over the protected treasure. Finally, a happy ending!


  1. Haha. I actually bought passion fruit once here. I had never had it before. I love the flavor, but when I tried the actual fruit it was kind of gross. A bunch of slimy stuff filled with seeds. It was so sour and didnt even have the sweet tropical flavor I though was passion fruit..maracuya. I love Barrio Chino!!

  2. I know, I expected more from the fruit. I couldn't get into the taste or the texture. I think it's all about the smeall.


  3. it looks rather gross

  4. What happened to a blog on Barracas?

  5. I'm working on it..... Geeeeez!


  6. Love this Becci story.
    You're writing is so very good miss obukhovskaya . . .